Medical Devices

Dr. Gupta has 20+ years of experience in medical devices. He has led teams to develop 200+ medical devices from concept to launch. He has executed projects such as orthopedic implants, surgical instruments, pain pump, bone mill, dekompressor,  robotic surgery, robotic testing of surgical tools, battery charger, endoscopes, catheters, spine, sterilization, neuromodulation, interventional spine, Neptune waste disposal system, medical beds, Navigation at Stryker. At Alcon he led teams to design & develop Alcon Intraocular lens(IOL) such as panoptix, GoogleX  lens, curvature changing accommodative lens, ultrasert delivery system for IOL & phacoemulsification machine. At Toyota he led teams for design & development of Toyota Robotic wheelchair, Toyota Welwalk, and robot for human support.

We provide services in New Product design & development, Product Improvement, Process Improvement, Testing and Simulation.