Process Improvement

There are times when the customer is about to launch a product and there are surprises which will  affect the launch date or unable to launch due to performance issue. There have been cases when the customer had to stop the production line because the product started failing quality test.  In such circumstances, we have helped our customers to pinpoint the problem and fix it. Our expertise and experience in simulation sets us apart from our competitors.

Helped in the design and development of Stryker pain pump.

Perfomed several CFD simulation and fluid structure simulation to simulate drug flow through fenestration catheter and bolus drug going through the catheter which resulted in catheter expansion.

The pain pump production was also moved to Puerto Rico which resulted in leakage issues. Simulated some of the process changes and determined that the production cycle was reduced due to faster screw tightening which resulted in microcracks in the plastic. The process was changed to reduce the speed of screw tightening of the last thread.

Helped in the design, development of the product .  After the product was produced it only lasted few hours before some of the plastic tabs cracked and fell. We performed simulation runs and found out that the ultrasonic welding was using up all the fatigue life of  the plastic tabs which went into modal vibration during ultrasonic welding. This resulted in premature failure. The ultrasonic weld time and frequency were reduced to achieve desired structural and fatigue strength.