New Products

We have designed class I,II and III medical devices for our customers ranging in product cost from $10 to $500K. For complex medical devices  we have helped companies to build a team and design a product from concept to launch. The product we have helped in launching are generating revenue from few million to a Billion dollar.

When customer  has a new concept and wants to launch a product. We have helped them in evaluating what features to have and what value each feature can bring. We have helped in the design, development of an optimized product in a short period by running simulation in parallel.

Class I Devices

Led a team to launch 110 new cutting accessories at Stryker in 1 year.

Class II Devices

Helped in the design and development of  waste management product Neptune. We also performed   cost reduction of Neptune by changing   Vacuum regulator, redesigning canister and changing material of the chassis, changing several suppliers resulting in 20% cost savings ( $40 million in cost savings).  In 2012 it was a $200 Million product line

Helped in design and development of autoplex mixer for Stryker. Converted previous design of Mix3  bowl which had metallic parts into plastic parts to reduce cost  and make it disposable.

Class III Devices

Helped in the design and development of Post Traumatic Reconstruction System (PTRS): Trauma

US Patent  20160157996

Designed and developed Curvature Changing Accomodation lens . This lens could accommodate two diopter accommodation in  bench testing. We also received  a patent (US Patent  20160157996) for this  innovation.

Helped in the design and development of Ultrasert at Alcon.  Before this product, if a surgeon was not careful enough the lens could launch out of the delivery system at a velocity enough to damage the eye.   This happens because the plunger pressure keeps rising until delivery .  Simulation was performed on the non-linear plastic spring to make the pressure felt by the surgeon to be uniform while inserting the lens in the eye. This product resulted in sales of $100 Million annually.